The Origins of Ethical Failures has been announced as the winner of the textbook category for the 2017 Chartered Management Institute’s Management Book of the Year award.

Dennis Gentilin has given us all a profoundly useful book, not surprisingly because he himself is a practitioner whose commitment to ethical business was forged in the fire of personal experience. Gentilin brings together a wide-ranging review of the relevant scholarship, while never failing to bring the reader back to application, to our own practice, helping us all not only to understand but to act in the service of values-driven leadership.

Mary C. Gentile, Professor of Practice, Giving Voice to Values, University of Virginia Darden School of Business, USA

Ethical behaviour in organisations derives from culture and practice, not rules and pronouncements. Leaders set the standard through every action they take, no matter how inconsequential. In this ground-breaking book, Dennis Gentilin provides clear guidance for all leaders and organisations on how to behave ethically and avoid drifting into the unconscionable behaviour we are all capable of given the right circumstances. If you are a leader, you should read this book.

Lindsay Tanner, Australian Minister for Finance 2007-2010

Dennis Gentilin has written a lucid and well-informed account of the origins of ethical failure. His grasp of the relevant theory is strong. However, it is Dennis’ capacity to draw on personal experience and, in doing so, to give an authentic account of what it means to act with moral courage that makes this such a significant work. It deserves to be widely read not least because of the manner in which it will reward its readers.

Simon Longstaff AO, Executive Director of The Ethics Centre

Dennis Gentilin could have been forgiven for writing in a most critical and damning manner about his particular workplace experience. But he has chosen not to. Rather, his focus is measured, well researched and committed to changing for the better that most important building block of the corporation - culture. This is a work that will stand the test of time and remain highly relevant for a very long time. And I am not surprised that it enjoys the support of the very corporation that caused him to embark on this journey in the first place.

Simon McKeon, Chancellor, Monash University